Roundup Difference
Effective Penetration
Rapid Translocation
Tough Conditions
Roundup Performance
Roundup Convenience
Roundup Guarantee

When it comes to broad spectrum weed control, Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides provide unsurpassed performance even in tough conditions. They’re convenient to use, and come with the best guarantees in the industry. That’s the difference technology makes.

Roundup® brand agricultural herbicide’s speed and efficiency at penetrating the leaf surface is key to its unsurpassed performance.

Roundup® brand agricultural herbicide’s formula rapidly moves glyphosate down to the growing points of the weed delivering effective and consistent weed control.

Roundup® brand agricultural herbicide’s consistent formulation and unsurpassed rate of both penetration and translocation reduces the impact of environmental factors like cold, heat and rain which means it performs well, even if the weather doesn’t – GUARANTEED!

Provides unsurpassed weed control that works even in tough conditions.

  • Proprietary surfactants provide quick penetration of glyphosate into the weed
  • Rapid translocation quickly moves glyphosate to the growing points of the weed
  • Roundup Transorb® HC herbicide provides rainfast weed control in 60 minutes
  • Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide provides rainfast weed control in 30 minutes

A high concentration formula treats more acres per litre and makes it easy to handle, store, and carry.

  • Potassium salts allow for a formulation with 540g/l of active ingredient
  • Increased amount of active ingredient makes handling easier
  • Wide range of package sizes available

Backed by industry leading guarantees and warranties The RiskShield® protection package includes:

  • Roundup Transorb® HC 60 minute Rainfast Guarantee
  • Roundup WeatherMAX® 30 minute Rainfast Guarantee
  • All Weather Warranty
  • Crop Safety Guarantee
  • Crop Establishment Coverage
  • Roundup Brand Service Plan